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Here is a cross-section of reviews, articles and media coverage that we have started to get on our 10-year project.

Reviews of The Amichai Windows

Aharon Yermiyahu Taub wrote that The Amichai Windows is “a towering achievement in American arts and letters.” Read the whole review in the American Jewish Libraries News Review.


A lengthy article that I wrote for Tikkun magazine early in the process of making The Amichai Windows speaks of the genesis of my artist book as well as Amichai’s biography and poetics. It also has some of the archival images that I drew on to make the artistic collages that accompany each of the 18 poems. You can read it by clicking here.

Radio Shows

Ron Nesiel, host of the show, The Weekly Journal, on Kan-Reshet Bet, interviews book artist Rick Black in Hebrew about The Amichai Windows.

As part of the segment, he also talks with Hebrew literature Prof. Avner Holtzman of Tel Aviv University about Amichai’s work and plays a Yossi Banai song of one of Amichai’s poems, I Told You That it Would be so and You Didn’t Believe.

A link to the show can be accessed here. The segment on The Amichai Windows, which runs for about 20 minutes, begins at 42:30 of the hour-long program. An English translation of this segment of the show can be read on our blog post here.


A feature story about The Amichai Windows and how we were able to get permission to do it from Hana Amichai ran in Haaretz, a daily Hebrew newspaper in Israel. It also has some good links to interviews and programs with Yehuda Amichai in Hebrew. We do not yet have an English translation of this article.

A Q and A about The Amichai Windows ran in the Connecticut Jewish Ledger in conjuction with Rick’s program at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

A feature on The Amichai Windows program at Yale University in the Connecticut Jewish Ledger.

Letterpressing Amichai - Rick Black runs a print

Rick Black letterpresses a cover page



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