Haaretz Story on Amichai Windows

 Haaretz newspaper article on Amichai Windows עמיחי בחלוןA full-page feature story ran on June 21, 2018 in the Gallery section of Haaretz, a Hebrew-language newspaper in Israel.

It focuses mostly on the reasons for book artist Rick Black to have commenced this 10-year-project as well as Hana Amichai’s granting permission to use the poems.

The online version includes a few links to some wonderful video clips with Amichai in Hebrew. We do not yet have a translation of the article into English, but the headline reads, “Suddenly, Amichai is Peeking Out of the Window.”

The photo of one of the spreads is the first one of the artist book, “Eternal Window.”

Click here to see the piece online.

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