Here is a small sampling of testimonials about The Amichai Windows as well as a link to the first review of our book.

“. . . a towering achievement in American arts and letters . . .” Aharon Yermiyahu Taub in his American Jewish Libraries News Review.

“A wonderful emotional and visual window into the poetry of Yehuda Amichai.” Hana Amichai, widow of Yehuda Amichai

“Stunning — we are delighted to add it to our Yale Library collection.” Nanette Stahl, Joseph and Ceil Mazer Librarian for Judaic Studies, Yale University

“A visual and tactile feast—not only does one become immersed in the words and images but one must reveal and discover the poems, too . . . a marvelous experience and a must for fine artist book collectors.” Andi Arnovitz, American Israeli printmaker, book artist and multi-media artist

“An exquisite presentation of 18 Amichai poems lovingly crafted . . .” Robert Alter, Hebrew literary translator and critic

“A national treasure.” Micha Bar-Am, award-winning  Magnum and New York Times photographer

“I am still in awe of the entire production. I continue to look at each poem, one by one, studying the images, with great admiration for the entire creative process.” Gary Rendsburg, the Blanche and Irving Laurie Professor of Jewish History, Rutgers University

“The Amichai Windows is a work of devotion. Over many years Black researched, discovered pathways through, and lived with the words of Yehuda Amichai. His lyrical immaculate letterpress compositions combined with photographs and collaged materials allow the viewer the same genuine experience when turning the leaves of this extensive bilingual publication. Not many artist books have the depth of visual and cultural literacy as “The Amichai Windows.” It bears the journeys of the poet and the bookmaker who both walked meditative steps in Jerusalem, and mutually came upon their own certain truths written in words that bear witness.” Helen Frederick, American artist, curator and George Mason Professor Emeritus

“A phenomenal piece of work.” Yehuda Miklaf, Jerusalem fine art bookbinder and printer

“What a stunning book! The Amichai Windows is marked by so much love, care and brilliance in the spirit of the old school makers of illuminated books. Black is a spiritual artisan and visionary.” Kwame Dawes, Emmy and award-winning poet, essayist and editor-in-chief of Prairie Schooner

“Rick Black has created a gorgeous, deep and richly complex piece of art that feels endless in its capacity to evoke emotions, thoughts and sensations about Amichai, Israel, Judaism, life, and what lies between words, form and matter.” Assaf Harel, Assistant Professor of Israel Studies, Department of Judaic Studies, Binghamton University

“The noise of the world was quieted last evening and we were all given a wonderful gift.” Myra Sklarew, American Jewish poet and scholar

“A wonderful book! Both Yair and I loved it. The level of craftsmanship, detail, use of materials and design are all so impressive. And for me, it’s an introduction to some poetry that I expect to explore further.” Marsha Goldberg, American Jewish artist and printmaker

“What an incredible undertaking—beautiful, moving, powerful.” Ed and Shelley Grossman, leaders of the Amichai poetry study group, Temple Micah

“Such a beautiful labor of love. You have contributed greatly to the world with your art and Amichai’s poems.” Barbara Green, member, Amichai poetry study group, Temple Micah

“An amazing work of art.” Irene Lazar, Canadian Israeli art collector

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